What are access bars?

There are 32 electromagnetic points “the bars” on the head that holds electromagnetic component of your beliefs, emotions, during a bars sessions the practitioner will gently lay they fingers in this specific positions in a very gentle, loving way releasing or unblocking any di-eases the client might have by running their bars.  A bars sessions might feel a bit like having your brain defragmented if you think of a computer’s hard drive that is cluttered and overloaded and it will feel like have the delete button on your hit – only this time, you’re creating space in your brain. Making space for the calm you are search for and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
The benefits of having a bars session:
Relief of Depression/Anxiety
Calmness & improved sleep
Inner peace & reduced stress
Mental Clarity
The ability to overcome frustration/sadness/trauma.

Ask yourself How does it get better than this?

As an accredited bars practitioner, my facilitator was Penni du plessis and if I am unavailable and you are looking for other accredited bars practitioners if I am not available for an appointment please see her website on www.divinespace.co.za for a list of therapists that might be able to accomodate you for a session should I not be available.